Special Olympics Pennsylvania #50for50: Emmett Abdo

#50for50: Volume 14
▪️ Emmett Abdo
▪️ 29 years old
▪️ Philadelphia County

“I like spending time with friends and reconnecting with old ones. And Special Olympics really helped me to speak outside to people. I became a Global Messenger. Before, I would cut off some of my speech and hesitate a little bit. I felt a little bit nervous speaking in front of people. But then I had to speak more in front of people and I spoke at different events. That really helped me to grow as a speaker. And it definitely helped me carry outside that zone and helped me out with a lot of things, like improving my time on swimming, too. I feel really good now. … I work at Holiday Inn Express in Philadelphia. I’m a bellhop. I have to carry up luggage to different rooms, store luggage, clean the lobby, clean the windows, take deliveries up to the Sales Department and Housekeeping. I’ve been there for six years. I really like meeting people from all around the state and the world. … I’ve been doing Special Olympics for 18 years. I found it by playing soccer. I thought it was really good and then I moved on to tennis, swimming and basketball. And I would like to start bowling next year, too. One of my biggest accomplishments was making the Summer Games in 2012 for swimming. Before that, it was really hard for me to qualify for Summer Games, but one year I found a little bit of an edge training. I put in a lot of training outside of Special Olympics, like running and walking outside of school, and it really helped me get in shape. My next biggest goal is to make USA Games in Orlando.”

Lehigh Valley Polar Plunge exceeds its fundraising goal

The Lehigh Valley Polar Plunge in Easton took place on Saturday and was a splashing success! More than 600 brave souls took the frigid dip into the Delaware to help raise more than $110,000 for Special Olympics Pennsylvania athletes!

To see some videos describing the reasons why people Plunge, check out this thread.

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Special Olympics Pennsylvania #50for50: Eddie Glover

#50for50: Volume 13
▪️ Eddie Glover
▪️ 57 years old
▪️ Philadelphia County

“It was the Blizzard of 2016 and I went out in the snowstorm. I walked out on two feet of snow and I took the train to Frankford. I never made it there. I made it as far as 11th & Market and got hurt. I slipped and busted both of my knees on the seat. I destroyed both of my knees.They me took off the train and to Jefferson Hospital. The train was delayed. I couldn’t even walk. I couldn’t even get up on my own two feet. I had two surgeries done on my knees. I got this knee brace on them to keep them from buckling now. … I’ve been in the Special Olympics program for 36 years. I’ve been living in Philadelphia all my life. I went to E.S. Miller school and I graduated in 1983 with a high school diploma. When I graduated, I started doing Special Olympics full time. I didn’t have time for Special Olympics when I was in high school because education comes first. … Downhill skiing was the first sport I ever did. Up in Monroe County, Pennsylvania. It was not hard. I do soccer, volleyball and basketball. And I do track & field and softball. I used to do rowing. … Back in 1987 I went away to the Special Olympics World Games in South Bend, Indiana at the University of Notre Dame. I did track & field, like running long jump. I got third place. And in shot put I got sixth place. My second World Games was in 2001 in Anchorage, Alaska for floor hockey and the whole team brought home the gold. Back in 2010, in Lincoln, Nebraska at the National Games for track & field I brought home four gold medals and one participant ribbon.”

Greer Leggat featured on LebTown.com

The woman behind the increasingly-popular “Be Kind” shirts, Lebanon County‘s Greer Leggat, was recently featured in an article on LebTown.com.

In the piece, Greer, 22, shares the story of the shirts came to be and continues to spread her message of positivity. There are so many more amazing photos in the story, so be sure to check it out.


York County athletes honored at Commissioners’ Meeting

This morning, athletes from York County as well as our Central Competition Director, Teresa Amaturo, were honored guests at the York County Government’s Commissioners’ Meeting to receive a proclamation ahead of Indoor Winter Games!

In addition to the proclamation describing what Special Olympics Pennsylvania does as an organization, the final paragraph declared:

“Therefore, be it resolved, this 19th day of February 2020, that the York County Board of Commissioners do hereby congratulate Special Olympics PA on this occasion of its Inaugural Indoor Winter Games.”

We can’t wait to show York County what we’ve got at the 2020 Indoor Winter Games!