Special Olympics Pennsylvania #50for50: Tommy Kreutzer

#50for50: Volume 37
▪️ Tommy Kreutzer
▪️ 26 years old
▪️ Allegheny County

“I’ve been playing soccer for a few years. I started out playing goalie and then I played some in the field, too. I think I like playing in the field a lot better than playing goalie because playing goalie, you just stand there and wait for the other team to come and shoot on you. Playing in the field, you’re a lot more involved since you’re running all over the place. I think the first big event I went to was the Fall Festival at Villanova. I went for bocce and then soccer. I know at least a couple times our team has won the gold medal. That’s been fun and it’s also really fun spending time with the local program hosts. I really like them. They spend time with the athletes and coaches and when they’re able to, they come to your games and cheer you on and stuff. Over the years I’ve played bocce, basketball, soccer, golf and floor hockey. …  I wanted to do Virtual Summer Games and Virtual Sports Camp because it’s helped me stay active and doing the things I like to do. My favorite part of Virtual Summer Games was doing the challenges and watching the Opening Ceremonies video and my favorite part about Sports Camp was doing the different sports workouts and then the Scavenger Hunt and Minute to Win It. Other than that [my time spent at home since March] has been OK. I’ve been out with my dad to do shopping and run errands and stuff like that. I was supposed to go back to work toward the beginning of June, but I got injured. I do yard work for a family friend and I was trimming their hedges. I was almost done and had the trimmer away from the hedges and — I don’t’ know what made me do this — but I stuck three of my fingers on my left hand up to it. Of course it wasn’t on purpose or anything, but I got cut by the trimmer. I had some stitches in for a while and had to do occupational therapy just to get the motion back in my fingers and hand and everything. Thankfully there wasn’t any nerve, bone or tendon damage or anything like that. I’m very thankful… I just started back to work last Friday. I work at a restaurant called Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe. I’m mainly a dishwasher and I’ve done some prep work in the past. I like it there. … My dad’s one of our coaches for Special Olympics. I think it’s pretty cool. I get to learn from him and take things he teaches me and take the tips he teaches me and use that in the games. Some of my favorite memories are going to different sporting events with my dad and my sister. I remember one year we went and watched the parade after the Penguins won [the Stanley Cup] and another time we went to the Pirates’ Wild Card game and everyone was chanting the opposing pitcher’s name.”

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Special Olympics Pennsylvania

The mission of Special Olympics Pennsylvania is to provide year-round sports training and competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills, and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes, and the community.

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