Special Olympics Pennsylvania #50for50: Jean Zumstein

#50for50: Volume 52
▪️ Jean Zumstein
▪️ 57 years old
▪️ McKean County

Jean is on the left.

“I like to do bowling and stuff like that for Special Olympics. I remember doing roller skating and stuff like that right here in McKean County. At the old Roller Dome, we would do roller skating. I used to do the figure eight on a pair of roller skates. Special Olympics is good exercise. I go outside to exercise a lot. Around here it’s pretty rural. We have walking paths and we get to be outside a lot. It’s a small community, so we’ve got good people all around us. … Bowling is my number one sport because I like to bowl and stuff like that. I like the bowling alley. The sounds. Over 100 is my top score. I’ve done softball throw and track and field for a while. I like that, too. It’s nice to do ’em. … Everything is shut down right now for the COVID. I usually work at Futures [Rehabilitation Center] when it’s not shut down. I miss it. I miss working, miss making money. … After mom died, I didn’t do Special Olympics for a year or two, but when I came to the group home I started back up again. I miss my mom and stuff. She passed away about four years ago. We were very tight. She watched me at everything. We were together all the time. She came to everything. She was a proud mom. My mom would always be watching me from the stands. She was 81. … I always try to be nice to people and stuff like that. I’m very helpful. I like to go shopping and watch TV. I really like watching game shows like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Price is Right. … I liked sports growing up. [Being in Special Olympics] has brought out my competitive side. Pat Ryan, he’s my favorite. He’s a super guy. He’s a nice person. He’s kind. He coaches me in bowling and stuff like that. And if skiing comes around, I’ll try it out. But I don’t want to run into no tree. The sports are hard sometimes. I do pretty good, though.”

Support Special Olympics at your local Wawa


Stop by your local Wawa today and donate spare change to Wawa’s coin canisters or round-up to the nearest dollar at the register now through Feb. 21 to help support Special Olympics athletes!

Additionally, you can ask your Wawa associate to scan your donation now through Feb. 14 to help support Special Olympics Pennsylvania athletes in your community!


Seth & Co. Special Brew opens in Bethlehem

When we talk about the #InclusionRevolution, this is EXACTLY what we’re talking about. Seth (from Bethlehem Special Olympics-Pennsylvania) and his family opened a brand new coffee shop — Seth & Co. Special Brew — that provides delicious beverages to its customers and employment opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities, including several Special Olympics Pennsylvania athletes! Huge thanks to WFMZ for the awesome story and CONGRATULATIONS to Seth, Desiree & John (his parents) and the entire Special Brew team on this incredible news! We’re so proud and we can’t wait to stop by for a cup!! ☕️❤#ChooseToInclude

Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/2YcCUuz

Special Olympics athletes help celebrate drive thru Wawa opening

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of being invited to the grand opening of Wawa‘s first standalone DriveThru store! Several of our athletes as well as our President & CEO Matt Aaron were in attendance to help open the store. Included among our athletes in attendance were John & Maria, both of whom are proud Wawa employees! Be sure to stop by your local Wawa to warm up with some Gold Medal Hot Chocolate and support the #InclusionRevolution!

Special Olympics Pennsylvania #50for50: Anthony Clancy

#50for50: Volume 51
▪️ Anthony Clancy
▪️ 26 years old
▪️ McKean County

“I like doing Special Olympics a lot. It’s my favorite thing to do all the time. I mostly do basketball. And I just like to have fun with it and play basketball a lot when I’m up there. I’m good at shooting it right in the hoop. I do the Summer Games if we get into one. I like the buildings they have up there and we stay overnight. I like that very much. Hopefully by next year we’ll do it and go back up there and have some more fun. It’s been a long time. It’s a lot of fun to be happy up there. Definitely hanging out with all the people at Penn State and talking to them makes me very happy. …  Usually I hang out here [at the house] with my mom a lot. I used to live in a group home a long time ago but then I moved out of the group home. I just didn’t like it there a lot. I like living with my mom. Mostly we hang out, lay around. I listen to music sometimes. I like rock and roll. And when the weather’s nice I might go for a walk, but otherwise I’ll mostly stay inside or go outside for a little bit. I ride my bike a lot. I’m very good at that. I go on trails when I’m in Bradford with my dad sometimes on the weekends. It’s been tough [during the pandemic] because I like to go different places. And now we can’t do much. A lot of places are shut down. … I work at Futures [Rehabilitation Center]. I like it, I like it a lot. I work five days a week. It’s closed now [for COVID], and it’s been tough not working. I just like everyone and miss working there. … I like the new year a lot. I love it when the ball drops and I like to watch it count down. It’s one of my favorite things to watch. Last year, I was downtown and watched the big ball drop in town, so that was fun. This year we watched it on TV.”