Aerie x Special Olympics = ❤️

Earlier this month, we were HONORED to have five amazing women & Special Olympics Allegheny County athletes join the Aerie fam in a recent photoshoot!! 📸🤩

Megan Dulski, Kallie McCarthy, Savannah Shavers, Emma Slezak and Kaylie Swider all modeled Aerie’s OFFLINE look in STYLE!! We spent the day at Riverside Park having a blast with the Aerie team, who then sat down with each athlete to hear their stories about what participating in Special Olympics means to them! Read more here:

We can’t say enough amazing things about Aerie and their values and mission toward making this world a truly inclusive place!


Eunice Kenndy Shriver’s 100th Birthday

100 years ago, Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver was born.
Her vision was bold. Actions brave. Legacy lasting. Achievements too innumerable for one post. As we mark her centennial, we wish those connected with the #InclusionRevolution across the globe a very happy #EKS100.

We also remind everyone that the work is not done, and her vision of an inclusive world is just as relevant and urgent today. It’s up to us to continue the #InclusionRevolution! ❤