2022 USA Games: Total Medal Count

The 2022 Special Olympics USA Games in Orlando came to a close one week ago today! We can’t believe it’s already been a week since we celebrated all of our incredible Team Pennsylvania athletes. And, in honor of this anniversary, we wanted to publish this list of ALL the medals and awards won by our incredible team during our time in Florida! We’re so proud of all the coaches, athletes, staff and everyone in-between who made this possible! Stay tuned for photo albums from USA Games and Summer Games coming in the next two weeks!

TEAM PENNSYLVANIA – 2022 Special Olympics USA Games
TOTAL MEDALS: 99 (35 Gold, 31 Silver, 33 Bronze)

Team Sports

Basketball, Fourth

(Patrick Carney, Shane Frank, Ethan Fraterman, Corey Gerber, Patrick Montgomery, Jordan Schubert, Daveon Wheeler)

Flag Football, Bronze

(Devon Clements, Lenwood Dennis, Lavar Gladden, Kenneth Lamont, Denzel McFadden, Abdul Muhammad, JaBari Patterson, Christopher Ray, Andre Richardson, Jose Serrano, Paris Wallace)

Soccer, Gold

(Shawn Andrews, Johnathan Ashton, Tyler Baumgartner, Greg Bazzoli, Kathryn Day, Nancy Grimm, Justin Guthrie, Joshua Hubbard, Andrew Knight, Jackson Knight, Andrew Mayer)

Softball, Bronze

(Nathan Boyle, Karla Garr, Daniel Hogan, Seth Holland, Brandon Krekeler, Donald Laudenslager, Joshua Moore, Bradley Moyer, Timothy Moyer, Christina Saraceno, Hilary Stonewall, Joni Talavera, Christian Vegas, Audrey Yanacek, Christopher Wasiewicz)

Volleyball, Silver

(Todd Corman, John Garlock, Emily Koontz, James Milliken, Austin Milliken, Chris Nichols, TJ Richert, Jon Richert, Dena Russ, Christian Shangraw, McKenzie Wagner, Greg Zimmerman)


Sydney Benner
Gold, mini-javelin
Fifth, 100m
Eighth, 200m

Jason Bilger
Sixth, mini-javelin
Sixth, 200m
Eighth, 100m

Tabatha Bilger
Gold, mini-javelin
Fourth, 100m walk
Fourth, 400m walk

Maria Daniella Brandt
Gold, 5k
Gold, 10k
Silver, 3000m

Matthew Himmelreich
Bronze, Heptathlon

Jessica Hott
Silver, 800m
Fourth, 400m
Seventh, 1500m

Daniel Maier
Bronze, 400m
Silver, shot put
Eighth, 800m

Michael Walker
Silver, 100m walk
Bronze, mini-javelin
Fourth, 400m walk


Gold, Unified (Allison Anderson, Jesse Graham, John Graham, Erin Lehman)
Gold, (Melissa Holt, Seth Krokonko, Anne Luley, Brett Newman)
Gold, (Matt Anthony, Nicholas Boone, Jacob Carey, Johanna Schoeneck)

Jacob Carey & Johanna Schoeneck, Silver
Melissa Holt & Anne Luley, Bronze
Seth Krokonko & Brett Newman, Silver
Matt Anthony & Nicholas Boone, Silver

Unified Doubles:
Jesse Graham & John Graham, Bronze
Erin Lehman & Allison Anderson, Silver

Allison Anderson, Fourth
Matthew Anthony, Bronze
Nicholas Boone, Silver
Jacob Carey, Gold
Jesse Graham, Fifth
Melissa Holt, Fourth
Seth Krokonko, Bronze
Anne Luely, Bronze
Brett Newman, Gold
Johanna Schoeneck, Silver


Gold, Unified (Byron Keith-Diemer, Sean Loner, Christian Murphy, Dyan Wilson)
Gold (Chassidy Addelman, Lillie Baum, Nicholas Mazzocco, Heather Saylor)
Silver (Alex Lesse, Samantha Konowal, Kevin Rathgeber, Alex Stefano)

Chassidy Addelman & Alex Stefano, Gold
Lillie Baum & Heather Saylor, Gold
Samantha Konowal & Kevin Rathgeber, Fourth
Alex Lesse & Nicholas Mazzocco, Silver

Unified Doubles:
Sean Loner & Byron Keith-Diemer, Fifth
Dyan Wilson & Christian Murphy, Bronze

Chassidy Addelman, Gold
Lillie Baum, Fifth
Byron Keith-Diemer, Seventh
Samantha Konowal, Sixth
Alex Lesse, Fifth
Nicholas Mazzocco, Silver
Christian Murphy, Fifth
Kevin Rathgeber, Sixth
Heather Saylor, Gold
Alexander Stefano, Sixth


Caroline Kilareski
Silver, dressage
Fourth, English working trails
Bronze, English equitation

Anthony Timinski
Silver, English equitation
Fifth, English working trails


Jennifer Bottomley, Silver
Nicholas McNally, Gold, skills
Zachary Hicks, Bronze
Megaehen Lewis, Gold, skills
Cody Sedziak, Gold, skills


Molly Hosey
Bronze, All-Around
Bronze, Bars
Bronze, Beam
Silver, Floor
Bronze, Vault

Kyrie Troche
Gold, All-Around
Silver, Bars
Silver, Beam
Gold, Floor
Gold, Vault

Zarrah Vitale
Gold All-Around
Bronze, Bars
Silver, Beam
Bronze, Floor
Bronze, Vault

Simone Williams
Silver, All-Around
Bronze, Bars
Gold, Beam
Bronze, Floor
Bronze, Vault


Joshua Poleshuk
Silver, bench press

Delina Rodrigues
Silver, bench press
Silver, combined
Silver, deadlift
Silver, squat


Matthew Bakalorz
Gold, 100 yd freestyle
Sixth, 50 yd backstroke
Fourth, 50yd freestyle

Joel Blazure
Gold, 25 yd freetyle
Sixth, 25 yd backstroke

Jessica Bloom
Gold, 25 yd freestyle
Gold, 25 yd backstroke

Nissi Bolash
Fourth, 200 yd freestyle
Fourth, 500 yd freestyle
Seventh, 100 yd freestyle

Lisa Clearfield
Fifth, 50 yd freestyle
Bronze, 100 yd freestyle

Kevin Lezynski
Bronze, 100m freestyle
Fifth, 100m backstroke
Sixth, 200m freestyle

Lily Seagraves
Gold, 25yd backstroke
Silver, 50 yd freestyle
Fifth, 50yd backstroke

Marty Zeamer
Bronze, 50yd freestyle
Seventh, 50yd backstroke

Bronze, 4×25 yd freestyle relay (Joel Blazure, Jessica Bloom, Lisa Clearfield, Marty Zeamer)


Daniel Blatt & Carol Dorohovech, Gold
Garran Burget & Kaitlyn Good, Fourth

Daniel Blatt, Gold
Garran Burget, Bronze
Carol Dorohovech, Gold
Kaitlyn Good, Fourth

Unified Track & Field

Unified Team Event: 5th Place (33 points)

Faith Atkins
Silver, 100m
Bronze, shot put

Ontea Gates
Gold, 100m
Fourth, long jump

Ella Krajewski
Sixth, 100m
Gold, long jump

Anthony McKenna
Sixth, 100m
Fifth, shot put

Elias Norton-Rivera
Bronze, long jump
Fourth, 400m

Jessalyn Peters
Bronze, 400m run

Thomas Ruiz
Silver, 100m
Silver, shot put

Haden Williams
Bronze, 100m
Gold, shot put

Silver, 4×100 Unified relay (Ontea Gates, Ella Krajewski, Jessalyn Peters, Haden Williams)

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Special Olympics Pennsylvania

The mission of Special Olympics Pennsylvania is to provide year-round sports training and competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills, and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes, and the community.

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