Lycoming County athletes create inaugural Memorial Walk/Run

This June, the Lycoming County Athlete Leadership Team, led by Fitness Coordinator Stephen Huyck, proposed the idea of holding a walk/run to memorialize those athletes and coaches within their program who have passed away.

After the Athlete Leadership Team received approval from the Management Team to go forward with the event, they began planning. Every detail was meticulously orchestrated, beginning with researching and inviting all the friends and families of those who have passed away.

The team also organized he flower arrangements, displayed newspaper articles featuring the deceased, designed and distributed flyers to promote the event, ordered “SO Remembering 6/23/19” bracelets and conceptualized a “Lap of Silence” where all participants circled the track in silence, reflecting on their thoughts.

“Most people become busy with their lives and do not take the time to stop and remember those who have impacted them. The athletes wanted to not only remember these people, but to memorialize them, reminding us that our athletes are the type of people that we should all strive to be.” 

– Marc Follmer, Lycoming County Manager

As a result of this event, the athletes were empowered as leaders and felt a great sense of pride in giving back to the community. Additionally, several athletes gave speeches about the purpose of the event and what Special Olympics means to them. After a very successful inaugural campaign, Lycoming County Special Olympics is now considering making this a yearly event.

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